Our events are open only to individuals who can form legally binding contracts under their applicable law. The Military Training Center reserve the right to refuse your registration for any reason. By entering a tick alongside the "tick here to accept and agree to the terms and conditions" on the registration form, and sending to us the registration form, you register as a participant and accept the terms and conditions described below.

Application for registration shall be made by means of the provided registration form and the executed liability waiver statement accompanied by supporting documentation. The contract will be in effect upon dispatch of notification by the Military Training Center. The Military Training Center reserves the right to refuse registrations by anybody, and for any reason.

The full amount in accordance with the cancellation policy (see para 4) or a down payment must accompany the registration form to receive consideration. This down payment is non refundable. The balance of the event cost is due, and must arrive at the Military Training Center, no later than the published registration deadline. Time is of the essence. Non-payment of the balance of the event cost in a timely manner shall be regarded as a cancellation by the participant.

Price increases beyond the control of the Military Training Center, such as, but not limited to, airline fuel surcharges, taxes, and fees which arise after the registration of a participant, authorize the Military Training Center to likewise increase the event price up to 10% over the original published event cost. Upon notification of price increase the participant will have the option of canceling his or her participation without penalty.

Cancellations by the participant shall be made in writing. The date of cancellation shall be the date on which such written notice is received at the office of the Military Training Center. The following cancellation charges will apply:

- Up to 66 days prior to the date of operation start, full refund;
- 65 to 46 days prior to the date of operation start, 25% of the cost;
- 45 to 31 days prior to the date of operation start, 50% of the cost;
- 30 to 16 days prior to the date of operation start, 75% of the cost;
- 15 days or less, prior to the date of operation start, 100% of the cost.

Procurement of any visas and/or immunizations, required for travel to certain countries, shall be the sole responsibility of the individual participant.

All participants shall carry their own medical and accident insurance. Procurement of such insurance shall be the sole responsibility of the participant. Host country organizers may require proof of insurance, and may exclude any participant from parachuting, scuba diving, repelling, shooting and other training activities who is unable to provide such proof. The Military Training Center does not sell group insurance, nor is such insurance included in the event package.

Participants are taking part in the events in a civilian, non-military, status (unless detailed by their parent units or on official tdy orders) and are subject to all the laws and regulations of the countries visited.

At all time shall participants follow the lawful directives of the Military Training Center staff and the host country's military and civilian personnel, regardless of rank, sex, or ethnic origin. Any action by the participant which is contrary to any law, ordinance, or common civilized behavior, including the interference with operational aspects (i.e. Becoming an officious intermiddler) or hindering other participants in their enjoyment of the event, will result in the individual's immediate exclusion from further group activities. Any cost incurred from such exclusion shall be the responsibility of the participant. The Military Training Center shall be the final judge in any disputes regarding exclusion from group activities. Participants who exhibit unsafe behavior or fail to the organization and safety regulations will be warned, and then removed from class if they continue the unsafe behaviour. Participants removed from class will not received a refund on their tuition.

The Military Training Center cannot assume responsibility, and shall not be held liable, for any changes to the scheduled activities caused by the host country's military and civilian organization, or any natural or super natural force, beyond the control of the Military Training Center. If for any reason caused by the host country's military and civilian organization, or any natural or super natural force, beyond the control of the Military Training Center it will not be possible to execute the scheduled activities (i.e. parachute jump, diving, tactical training, etc.) the Military Training Center will not refund the course cost. We reserve the right to reschedule your training session for any reason or factor which is out of our control. If you do not attend your rescheduled session without contacting us, or if you are unable to attend the second date and time you will forfeit fees paid.

All participants are required to fully complete this registration form, and execute a medical statement and liability waiver prior to being considered registered participants.

These terms and the conditions of contract shall be governed by the laws of the italian repubblic, without any conflicts of laws provisions to the contrary being given effect. By submitting this registration request the participant agrees that any and all disputes shall be brought in a court of proper jurisdiction within shelby county, in the italian repubblic. The participant covenants to indemnify the Military Training Center for any costs, and reasonable attorney fees, incurred by the Military Training Center, arising out of any claim brought contrary to these provisions.

Should any clause or section of these terms of participation be contrary to any law or public policy, such clause shall be null and void, retaining the remainder of these terms in full force and effect.