Founded by former members of European and North American elite military forces, the Military Training Center (MTC) provides integrated training solutions for professionals operating in the NATO and friendly countries military communities as well as for governments and corporate. MTC's management team combines extensive experience in military and law enforcement special operations. The senior management team has extensive operational experience in theatres of warfare ranging from the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan to the Middle East, Africa and Gulf of Aden. Drawing on a lifetime of experience in conventional and special operations warfare, MTC has gathered a dedicated team of professionals instructors who are all experts in their respective fields that includes, but not limited to Combat Shooting, Basic and Advanced Marksmanship, Counter-terrorism, Special Operation Sniper, Urban Warfare, Special Reaction Team, SWAT, Air Assault, Airborne and Military Free Fall, Combat Diver, Amphibious Reconnaissance, Tactical Waterborne, Field Medic and TCCC, Close Quarter Combat (CQC), Fast Rope, Tactical Rappelling,  Hand To Hand (H2H), Close Protection and Personal Security Detail (PSD).


Photos and videos from our Courses

From more than one decade the Military Training Center is offering a wide range of courses covering military and low enforcement needs, on our gallery you can see photos and videos taken during our training courses and exercises. Please contact us should you have any questions or would like to use any of the images commercially. Have a look at our gallery by clicking here.

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