MTC employs the most highly experienced and dedicated team of multinational instructors who are all experts in their respective fields. The senior instructor team has extensive operational experience in theatres of warfare ranging from the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan to the Middle East, Africa and Gulf of Aden. The current cadre of instructors at MTC is comprised of active, reserve and retired military instructors who are appointed and certified by the MTC’s Board to train and teach the MTC Courses. All of the instructors at MTC specialize in different areas within the military training community. With backgrounds from Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations, our instructors have extensive real-world military experience and have specialized training to includes, but not limited to: Military Parachuting (Basic Airborne, MFF, HALO), Air Assault, Helocast, Helicopter Rope Suspension Training (HRST), Fast Rope, Tactical Rappelling, Urban Warfare, Special Reaction Team (SRT), Close Quarter Combat (CQC), Special Operations Sniper, Counter-terrorism, Police Sniper, Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.), Tactical Waterborne, Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft (CRRC), Combat Diver, Amphibious Reconnaissance, Hand To Hand (H2H), Personal Security Detail (PSD), Combat Medic and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).

The current cadre of certified MTC Instructors: