Below are official statements from The Military Training Center regarding specific organizational issues:

Efthimios Tourtidis Removed From Training Cadre

To whom it may concern, the Military Training Center inform that Mr Efthimios Tourtidis from DRCS was removed from the MTC training cadre for unprofessional and dishonorable conduct, and as a result he has lost the rating of Instructor as well as all his previous MTC benefits are lost, regardless of any past affiliation wth the Military Training Center.
This decision was taken to avoid further damage to our Organization, to protect the good reputation of our instructors and the interest of our students. On August 18th 2017 he was permanently removed from our training cadre and his instructor license No. MTCI-1-013 has been revoked due to damage of our good reputation, and for continued neglect of duties required by the MTC.
With this sentence, the Military Training Center testify their great dissatisfaction with Mr. Efthimios Tourtidis for his bad conduct, and strictly prohibit him and the DRCS from conducting any classes in military combat activities within the requirements established by the Military Training Center as well as to use any MTC logos, training programs, certificates, badges, products, etc.


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