The Military Training Center (MTC) has been a military and law enforcement training provider and leader for more than one decade. In that time, multiple MTC students have directly or indirectly used our battle proven training methods as a basis to reduce threats and save lives. We proudly credit our industry longevity to the success of our students and their agencies. We utilize the best practices of instruction and place major emphasis on academics, fundamentals, tactics and instructors. Our centers provide a wide variety of realistic and innovative basic, advanced and specialized special operations training courses employing training programs modeled on thats of the NATO's Special Operations Forces (SOF). The techniques that we teach are those designed and suitable for military and law enforcement use of force situations. The training cadre at MTC makes every effort to ensure our courses are professionally and constructively conducted. We strive to deliver this service through challenging, yet enjoyable courses. Our goal is to impart relevant skills and information that can reduce threats and save lives. We have set the training and qualification standards that many other professional organizations follow. All of our military and law enforcement courses are reviewed and approved by the Defense Agency and follow the NATO Standards. Thank you for considering MTC for your training needs. We hope to see you in a class soon.

The Military Training Center was established in 2004 and its Headquarter is located in Giugliano in Campania, NA, Italy, near the Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) - Naples.

Who We Are

Founded by former members of European and North American elite military forces, the Military Training Center (MTC) provides integrated training solutions for professionals operating in the NATO and friendly countries military communities as well as for governments and corporate. MTC's management team combines extensive experience in military and law enforcement special operations.


Our Mission

Since 2004 the Military Training Center is dedicated to improve the special operations combat skills and knowledge of the NATO and friendly countries military and law enforcement personnel. Our primary Mission is provide training solutions to professionals, governments and corporate. We employ the most highly experienced and qualified subject matter expert instructors to better meet your demands.



The Military Training Center offer a wide range of training courses covering military and law enforcement needs.


Photos and videos from our Courses

From more than one decade the Military Training Center is offering a wide range of courses covering military and low enforcement needs, on our gallery you can see photos and videos taken during our training courses and exercises. Have a look at our gallery by clicking here.

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