The Military Training Center (MTC) has been a military and law enforcement training provider and leader for more than one decade setting training and qualification standards that many other professional organizations follow. In that time, multiple MTC students have successfully completed our training courses, was awarded with our qualifications (certificates and related insignias), and have directly or indirectly used our battle proven training methods as a basis to reduce threats and save lives. Our qualifications are awarded to the students who have successfully completed our prescribed training programs, that are reviewed and approved by the Defense Agency and follow the NATO Standards. Our certificates are currently awarded to military and law enforcement worldwide and the insignias are worn on combat uniforms and dress uniforms. Those insignias instilling a sense of individual pride and professional accomplishment in the students who earn the right to wear them. On all the MTC certificates, you will find a serial number. The serial number is unique and unrepeatable to ensure authenticity. Please feel free to contact us anytime by clicking here to verify your serial number and/or if there are any questions.


SRT, CQC, H2H, Combat Marksmanship, SWAT, Scout Sniper, Urban Sniper, Counter-Sniper, Recon, Combat Diver, Airborne, Air Assault, Free Fall, HALO, Combat Medic

Insignias and Badges

Special Reaction Team (SRT), SWAT, Sniper, Recon, Combat Diver, Personal Security Detail (PSD), Combat Medic, Force Protection.


Photos and videos from our Courses

From more than one decade the Military Training Center is offering a wide range of courses covering military and low enforcement needs, on our gallery you can see photos and videos taken during our training courses and exercises. Please contact us should you have any questions or would like to use any of the images commercially. Have a look at our gallery by clicking here.

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