The COMBAT MARKSMANSHIP (BASIC) COURSE is a one-day intensive marksmanship training designed to elevate individual skills beyond basic shooting.

The course is held by the Military Training Center and it's modeled after Special Operations Warfare training programs. It is designed to provide SOF combat marksmanship capabilities to military, law enforcement, and other government agencies. You will receive an intensive combat shooting training in reference to the military standards by highly qualified instructors - with years of verifiable real-world experience - coming from the NATO countries and friends’ Armed Forces. The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the combat marksmanship techniques and tactics used  by the NATO Special Operations Forces.

During this course students, will be exposed to a building block training method, leading students to to effectively and efficiently engage targets of different sizes at various ranges with primary and secondary weapon systems. Being able to operate in adverse conditions, while under psychological and physical stress, maximizing survivability and lethality. Reinforcing the fundamentals of basic marksmanship and to enhance the soldier’s ability to perform Combat Marksmanship.

Basic theory and practice is taught so as to allow the students to understand and execute the close-quarter-combat shooting tactics and techniques. These training will take place both day & night and in all weather conditions. Short-range combat will be emphasized. Low-Light operations will be taught, conducted and evaluated. Tactics and techniques will be demonstrated to and practiced by each student - multiple times.

Be prepared for a very long live fire range day - this training will be up close and violently personal. Engaging the enemy at close distances takes fast reflexes, finely tuned weapons handling skills and an aggressive spirit... all of which you will be taught during the extremely fast paced training. Quickly acquiring and identifying your target and making the life or death decision to fire in a split second will be stressed during your training.

Course Schedule (changes are possible):

Day 1: Classroom instruction, equipment check and review, introduction to combat marksmanship, weapons handling, beginning of operations, live fire shooting and operations with primary and secondary weapon systems. Fire and movement. Additional training as time permits. Awarding ceremony.


Applicant must have basic tactical skills & experience from the military and law enforcement fields. Must be able to participate in intensive training lasting up to ten hours per day. Must not have any medical restrictions.


Military/Police ID card (or if civilian Passport and copy of your Criminal Record), Medical certificate (You must bring these documents with you).

Required Equipment:

Combat uniform, boots, headgear, helmet, goggles, body armor and tactical vest, belt and tactical holster, tactical rifle sling, tactical gloves, knee protection pads, pack or rucksack, improved first aid kit (IFAK), personal retention lanyard, hydration system, balaclava, scrim net, flashlight, multi-tool (i.e leatherman), folding knife, tactical sunglasses, eye & ear protection, rain and cold-weather gear (we train in ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS!). Chemical light sticks, survival lighter, tactical duct tape, paracord 550 rope, climbing carabiners, waterproof bag, binoculars and other personal tactical equipment are strongly recommended!
Any unit specific equipment issued to you that you wish to bring. (We strongly encourage you to bring and use your normal issued equipment). We will provide weapons, ammunition & gas masks as needed.

For further information on application to, and participation in MTC courses, please refer to the terms & conditions of participation.

Course Number:



All course dates currently scheduled can be found on the calendar page.

Registration Deadline:

30 days prior the start of the course.


MTC Training Facility Naples/Italy


1 Day (Approximately 8 hours).
No of participants: Minimum 4 students

Open to:

Active/Reserve/Retired Military, Law Enforcement, and other Government Agencies.


Please note that accommodation, meals and transfers are not enclosed in the package. Accommodation per person per night with breakfast included in hotel around 2km from the facility: approx. €35 (You required to share with one or more, max 4 persons. Single rooms are available on extra charge).
We can offer transfers from Naples Airport or train station to the hotel and back. The cost for this will be from approx. €50 each way. (This cost may be shared by the travellers).


This course is open only to the MTC members. You must be a current member of the Military Training Center - i.e. have paid your annual MTC membership dues. If you haven't yet joined us or if you need to renew your membership please click here.


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