The SPECIAL REACTION TEAM COURSE is a special operations counter-terrorism training that combines close-quarter combat and quick reaction knowledge and skills into a five day training course. The course is held by the Military Training Center and it's modeled after Special Operations Warfare training programs. It is designed to provide counter-terrorism capabilities to military, law enforcement, and other government agencies. You will receive an intensive special operations close quarters combat training in reference to the military standards by highly qualified instructors - with years of verifiable real-world experience - coming from the NATO countries and friends’ Armed Forces. The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the combat response concepts, methods and tactics used in urban high risk scenarios by the NATO Special Operations Forces. During this course students, will be exposed to a building block training method, leading into force on force scenarios. They will acquire counter-terrorism capabilities, skills and knowledge required to operate in urban terrain and respond to urban high risk situations. Basic theory and practice is taught so as to allow the students to understand and execute the tactics and techniques needed to approach, breach, enter, secure a building and rescue hostages in a tactical manner. Initial approach to building, breaching of doors and windows will be shown and executed by students. Building domination - both dynamic and stealth - clearing of stairwells, hallways and rooms in teams of 2-12 men will be taught. These operations will take place both day & night and in all weather conditions. Use of ballistic shields, smoke, diversionary devices and other equipment will be stressed. Short-range combat will be emphasized. Low-Light operations will be taught, conducted and evaluated. Mechanical and ballistic breaching tactics will be demonstrated to and practiced by each student - multiple times. Students will receive maximum amounts of practical application for conducting hostage rescue both as an emergency assault team and a deliberate assault team. Tubolar Assaults will be conducted on vehicles, cars, buses and trains (if available). Vehicle control/domination and hostage rescue tactics will be stressed during this training. Live fire day will focus on the military combat marksmanship. A major focus of our live fire range training is moving/shooting with a ballistic shield and rescue operations. Be prepared for a very long live fire range day - this training will be up close and violently personal. Engaging the enemy at room distances takes fast reflexes, finely tuned weapons handling skills and an aggressive spirit... all of which you will be taught during the extremely fast paced training. Quickly acquiring and identifying your target and making the life or death decision to fire in a split second will be stressed during your training.