june, 2019

10jun - 14jun 1009:00jun 14SCOUT SNIPER COURSE09:00 - 20:00 (14) MTC Mobile Training Team (MTT), Prague, Czech RepublicEvent Type :Combat


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The SCOUT SNIPER COURSE is a special operations precision rifle training course designed for the individual with basic marksmanship skills and experience from the military and law enforcement fields. The course is held by the Military Training Center and it’s modeled after Special Operations Warfare training programs. It is designed to provide special operations sniper capabilities to military, law enforcement, and other government agencies. You will receive intensive tactical training in accordance to military standards, by highly qualified instructors coming from NATO’s elite forces. The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the long range precision marksmanship concepts, methods and tactics used in both urban and rural high risk scenarios by the NATO Special Operations Forces. During this course students will acquire precision rifle marksmanship capabilities, skills and knowledge required to operate in any terrain and respond to high risk situations. The sniper course is an intensive precision rifle training course that will instruct, challenge and motivate you. Each block of instruction has been thoughtfully developed using experience from intense international combat operations to complex civilian situations. The days will be fast paced, high energy and productive. Basic theory and practice is taught so as to allow the students to understand and execute the sniper tactics and techniques. Students will start each day on the range with a cold bore confirmation shot. Precision zeroing will be stressed along with the ability to adjust (range estimation) your precision shots into targets at every range from 50-500 meters. Live fire shooting exercises focusing on timed and stress shooting are also a part of the student’s training. The use of camouflage in both urban and rural settings is observed at and discussed. Selection, proper care and use of the combined weapon/scope/ammunition system is stressed as well as making sure you know both the abilities and limitations of your particular system. One especially interesting and misunderstood aspect of precision shooting – environmental conditions associated with temperature, humidity and light – is presented in a practical and easily understood manner. Hostage Rescue and shoot/don’t shoot targets will be the primary focus of your work here. Quickly acquiring and identifying your target and making the life or death decision to fire in a split second will be stressed during your training. This comprehensive sniper course will teach you the fundamental sniper techniques to prepare you to engage targets in situations that you will find in real life.

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10 (Monday) 09:00 - 14 (Friday) 20:00


MTC Mobile Training Team (MTT)

Prague, Czech Republic